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Redelius Productions works exclusively with moving media communication. We can help you carve out coherency, consistency and crystal clarity for your company message, stimulating a specific emotional response from your client, and eliciting both their involvement and interest. We start off by assessing and evaluating your current situation, clarifying and establishing your specific aims and goals. This helps us work out exactly what you require, whether that involves utilising social media, creating opinion-film documentaries, a sharp, clearly-conceived change of direction, communications training or whatever else necessary to achieve your objectives.

How we think
Our rationale goes like this. Seeing and feeling has a more profound, emotive effect on the brain and heart than reading and analysing, although they can be useful. Therefore moving images and graphics are particularly effective. And, while this can be achieved in different ways and specifically tailored to different situations, we believe a sensory-rich experience far surpasses that achievable by printed media, delivering a lasting, authentic resonance with your client. ‘It was only when I became personal that I conquered the world,’ as Ejvind Johnson said . ( Nobel Prize in Literature in 1974 )


Change management

Apotek Hjärtat

  • Involved in a complete overhaul of their management outlook where moving pictures became the medium, driving useful dialogue and implementing best practice throughout the company’s many outlets around the country. Among other things, we instigated the introduction of new work methods based on a leaner, more efficient philosophy, and the development of a new, fresh sales and service culture within the organisation, as well as enabling smooth integration with the new owner of the ICA.

Implementation Committee for the new Police Authority

  • We participated in the biggest government reshuffle to date, involving the merger of 23 police into one between 2013 and 2015. We visualized, conceived and facilitated the merger, and coordinated the involvement of employees and the public via 49 short films over the two years. The project increased public awareness of the new Police Authority in a quantifiable, measurable way, and brought about more transparency to the Authority’s work.

Shipping Industry Zero Vision Tool

  • An international transformational project in which 10 countries came together with over 120 stakeholder organizations from the shipping industry, government and academia. Via a series of films, we were able to demonstrate how shipping could be more efficient, more competitive and more sustainable.

Other cases

Under Skalet (Under the shell)

  • A company-sponsored series of 35 X-Section episodes, in collaboration with Prevas and the newspaper Ny Teknik, focusing on new technology, where the viewers, among others, were invited to strip down an iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III – get under the shell – to understand how they work and why they have been designed the way they have.


  • Top 33 of Sweden’s most exciting startups. It’s important to celebrate success. 33 list är Affärsvärldens and Ny Teknik's annual ranking of the hottest technology companies in Sweden does just that. Since 2007, we have provided visualized presentations of these outstanding companies and the people behind their innovations.

PwC PriceWaterhouseCoopers Sweden

  • Long-term corporate development explained effectively via documentaries addressing Öhrlings’ 75-year-old Swedish history, from the Krüger crash to their merger with PWC, which significantly influenced the company's core values. Our films focused on the numerous challenges and successes over the years, establishing Öhrlings as the Swedish section of PWC’s winning corporate culture.

Stora Journalistpriset

  • Stora Journalistpriset was established in 1966 by the Bonnier company as a way to reward outstanding journalism. Today it is the highest distinction a professional journalist can win in the Nordic region. Redelius Productions provides audiovisual content and movies for the award ceremony, broadcast live across more than a dozen media sites.

Our own productions

Fjärde Uppgiften (Fourth  task)

We have worked with

Productions and services

Where are you now? This is the question we ask at the beginning of any new project. In our experience, most people who want to enhance their communication with moving media and improved clarity of communication need to implement some form of change; change in work ethic perhaps, or better services and sales, or more efficiency - whatever it takes. The answer to ‘where are you now’ connects what we do with what you want. Without it, communication can become wobbly and ad hoc. Here's how the process might go:

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